Sunday, November 12, 2006

Google is the new Microsoft

dammit i put the below post 5 friggen times!!!

i kept getting some stupid "sorry, we were unable to complete your request" till i realized i had posted the same damn thing 5 times..

deleting it got me the same error screen >_<

looks like Google is fast becoming the new Microsoft - all ubiquitous and buggy
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And ETS said, let there be GRE, and there was

...and so it came to pass that a Standard Test was born, and all the undergraduates knelt before, and there was peace throughout the land.


i jus finished by applications today! yay me!

ok ok i only finished the online part, but tht's good too you know. Also finished 4 packets, 6 more to go, requiring financial forms and stuff (yes Einstein, i'm applying to 10 colleges)

I hope it's enough to get me in.. (UCLA you listening to me, right??)
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Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Computer Science GRE

i know you'll be saying, hey 2 posts one day no fair, so sue me

i gave my computer science gre today, and it was sliiightly simpler then the pratice tests tht i had given.. not saying a lot seeing i gave only 3 tests.. still, i hope i get a 70 percentile atleast.. difficult seeing tht i hardly studied for the test >_<

i could give you a lot of reasons why i didnt study, including my vivas are giong on, my college applications are going on, religious reasons, political reasons, economical reason, social reasons, personal reasons and psychological reasons, but let's jus cut the crap and say i didnt study.

now wasn't that easy to say :D
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My Chemical Romance

or rather should i say panzy rockers from hell..

well, i just got their new album "The Black Parade" and it's almost everything i hoped it wouldnt be.

i did like a few of their songs from their previous album, like "The Ghost of You", and the album was ok-ish, so i dont know wy i had my hopes up this time around..

well ok, th albums not that bad, a few songs did catch my fancy, "Famous Last Words" being my fav.. "This is how I Disappear" and the title song "The Black Parade" are good, "The Sharpest Lives" and "Disenchanted" were decent, and so were "I Don't Love You" and "Dead!"..

ok crap i think i liked the album.. lol

ah now i know what made me hate the album! it was tht really sick song "Mama" and the so-called hidden track "Blood".. blah
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Monday, October 30, 2006

yes, engineering sucks

jus came back from my mv viva (thts Mobile Computing to you).. and it sucked.

i mean seriously, how the hell can that freak take my viva for one whole friggen hour when the norma length is only 10mins max??

jeez. that guy is really after me. i tell you, one of these days i'm going to kill him. then i'll hurt him.

let the pain begin..
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The yoyo random question thingie

the 400 character count was wayyy too restricting for me to complete the set of rules.. so here they are below:

Try making up the rules to a game where you tie knots in a yo-yo string just to see if you can get them out:

1. You may not use two hands
2. You may use both feet. However, only your pinky toes are can touch the string.
3. Every time you untie a know, you must yell "I Rule!" before you attack the next know.
4. Your nose may not touch the yoyo
5. You cannot sneeze/spit/pee on the string to loosen the knot
6. Once you have started on a knot, you cannot blink your eyes or breathe through more than one nostril till you have untied the knot.
7. If you violate any rule above, you must take a red hot piece of coal in you bare hands and burn off your right eyebrow for the first violation. (There are no penalties for the second violation, as by this time most people give up and descend into Dante's seventh circle of hell for all eternity.)
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